Elder Rights Mediation

It is important for older adults to become aware of their rights to a plethora of public and private programs and services. Having worked for more than 35 years for organizations that advocate on behalf older adults (in New Mexico, Nevada, Washington State and Washington, D.C), I am keenly aware of the multitude of programs and services that can keep older adults independent, safe and with their dignity in tact.

Elder mediation provides an opportunity for family-decision making. It is confidential and voluntary. In dealing with elder care issues there are often many relatives involved. Often siblings disagree what the best approach is to help their parents.

A skilled mediator, who knows aging programs in New Mexico (Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Las Cruces), can assist parents and their children with conversations that can lead to agreeable decisions by all parties. It is not uncommon for children to reside in different communities or different states than their parents. By bringing families together by phone or in person and communicating in a neutral setting, conflict can be resolved and the strain on parents and family members can be removed. By utilizing mediation, families can resolve their issues without pursuing expensive actions in a court of law.

Some examples of issues that a mediator can assist older adults and their children with include: elder abuse, caregiving, transportation issues, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, legal guardianships, accessing the various retirement care options, and public and private pensions.

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