Business to Business Mediation

Businesses are looking to mediation as a means of resolving disputes rather than battling out their differences in the courtroom.

My experience with mediating cases in the states of New Mexico and Washington shows that businesses can save lots of time and money by bringing their disputes before a trained mediator.

A trucking firm in New Mexico had loaned out some of its trailers to another business to move goods. When the firm wasn’t paid they came to mediation. Honest and personal communication between the two parties, which was absent for over a year while the two parties were in disagreement, helped the parties move forward with a partial solution that would otherwise not have occurred.

In several cases I have mediated, I have had business owners tell me they have been in business for many years and this is the first time anyone has sued them. In these cases, the reputation of the business is of utmost importance. They are looking to eliminate having their name smeared in their community. Mediation is a way to address these concerns and allow both parties to move forward.

In business-to-business disputes, the owners want to be heard and understood. They want to get their side of the dispute across and hope the other parties listen. In many cases a written settlement agreement can be reached. In those cases where an agreement is not reached, parties by sitting down and talking to one another can get a better understanding of one anothers’ concerns. Even if a party does not get all it wants, they often leave the mediation feeling good about being heard and being able to verbalize their frustrations.

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