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What is mediation?

Mediation is the process where two or more parties meet together to resolve a dispute. An impartial, qualified person known as a mediator facilitates the discussion. The mediator helps the parties in a dispute reach a mutually agreed upon and informed settlement.

Why resolve conflict through mediation?

Over a 20-year period, Stan Cooper has mediated nearly 400 disputes. He has mediated for the federal government, dispute resolution centers in Washington State and for the City of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Experiences have included: workplace disputes, wrongful terminations, divorce, business to business disputes, Equal Opportunity complaints, insurance claims, landlord/tenant conflicts and personal injury.

Stan has mediated cases with both individuals and with individuals and their attorneys. Serving New Mexico cities of Alamogordo, NM Albuquerque, NM Carlsbad, NM Clovis, NM Farmington, NM Hobbs, NM Las Cruces, NM Rio Rancho, NM Roswell, NM Santa Fe, NM

Why Cooper Mediation?

Cooper Mediation views mediation as a process that helps parties resolve their own disputes. Stan believes a settlement will occur when both parties appear in good faith and work together to resolve their dispute without taking it further into the legal process.